Visit to Salisbury and Stonehenge

Julio 26, 2016 - Chit Chat England
Visit to Salisbury and Stonehenge

Last Saturday we did a day-trip around Salisbury and Stonehenge. In Salisbury we visited the cathedral where the Magna Carta is. After the visit we had lunch in the gardens and we did a little walk around the city. Then we took the bus again and we went to Stonehenge. The place was fantastic!! We used some audioguides and we were fee to take very good photos. After that we returned to the Stonehenge museum and we bought some souvenirs.

When we returned to my host family I had a quick shower and I went to a surprise party for a friend. It was very nice!! We gave him some presents and we had a wonderful time in the barbaque. After I went to my host family house again.

The following day I woke up early because I can´t get up after 8 am. I hate it!! After hving breakfast I went shopping with my host mum and the little boy. Then we had a family barbaque with all their family and we played cricket. Finally I watched a Spanish film on my tablet and I went to bed.

Isabel López

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