My First Week at Chit Chat J2

Julio 22, 2016 - Chit Chat J2
My First Week at Chit Chat J2

When I came to Chit Chat it was amazing because I find new friends, it was funny to play with them.  I went to Mike´s class, Mike is a very funny teacher he´s always joking and sings strange songs.  The best thing of Chit Chat is the activities:  football, sea, pool, tennis, ping-pong, terrace etc.  My host family name´s Jo, she´s 48 years old and she has got two daughters, one is 16 and one is 10, their names are Storm and River.

The bad thing is just that my class is on the top of the mountain and I need to run to not be the last one for lunch.

Oleg Grysenko 13 



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