Chit Chat J2

Despedida curso J2
Como todos los años las despedidas se hacen duras, pero eso significa que además de aprender han hecho amigos para siempre.  
Why I like Chit Chat
I really like Chit Chat because learn English for one family from England in Spain.  And I like because we have 4 hours for class. We have 2 hours [...]
Federico Uncio Fons
What I like about Chit Chat J2 and Why
The things I like about Chit chat are this;  I love the activities after lunch because I´m with my Chit Chat friends and I do fun things.  I like the food [...]
My First Week at Chit Chat J2
When I came to Chit Chat it was amazing because I find new friends, it was funny to play with them.  I went to Mike´s class, Mike is a very funny teacher [...]
Cenicienta en el taller de teatro del Campamento Chit Chat J2
María, Alba, Laura, Africa, Andrea, Elvira y Santi del curso J2 son los actores de esta versión libre del cuento de Cenicienta ambientado en el campamento [...]
AQUALANDIA – My day in Aqualandia was incredible.  I went on all attractions but my favourite is the yellow slide, the Black Hole and the blue slide [...]
Redacciones ganadoras en J2
1. Redacción ganadora “Clase LEISL” MY CHIT CHAT EXPERIENCE:  My name is Miguel Blasco Gil.  Chit Chat is very funny and happy.  the food is [...]